London based digital imaging specialist and professional photographer David Carvalho provides a vast range of Portraiture/Headshot, Wedding, Event, and Commercial photography services.

New-Profile-Pic2bIt’s the photographer’s job to highlight the beauty in everyone and get the best out of them during their time together on a shoot…  In spite of all the ‘Pro’ photography gear being readily available to everyone in today’s ever evolving technological era, from Canon & Nikon’s DSLRs, Hasselblad’s medium format systems to Sony’s mirrorless cameras. Truth be told that owning all the camera gear is the easy bit..! 

I understand that in order to capture breathtaking images one must create a relaxed environment along with a comfortable ambience. I accomplish this by engaging in conversation with my subjects whilst listening with my camera as well as my ears and paying very close attention to the smallest of details…!

Ever since I realised that I have a creative flare specifically for Portrait/Headshot and Wedding photography there’s nothing else I’d rather do..! I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of the people and subjects that I photograph. I love working collectively or one to one with my clients to find whatever it takes to get the shot. Everyone’s different, and there’s no set formula. I get great satisfaction helping the more nervous people, most of whom would probably rather be in a dentist’s chair rather than being in front of my camera…! 🙂 

My style is often described as creative, comfortable, engaging and  fun…!

I shoot with industry standard digital SLR equipment including Canon’s premium ‘L’ series lenses to facilitate with ensuring that I capture those breathtaking images that my clients desire.


Feel free to reach out to me with any requirements or ideas that you may have…!